Our Mission

In 2020, Canada will need over 218000 new workers to fill the technology workforce. By investing in children at a young age, we provide them with skill that can make them competitive in the modern world. In a fun filled environment, we encourage students to challenge themselves, learning useful skills along the way. While promoting logical, objective thinking, the space naturally encourages curiosity. We believe that education, particularly in young children, should occur organically, free of schedule or rigidity. Sometimes, students need more encouragement. To aid in this, we have instituted a system of mentors, who help the children in learning, while protecting the freedom of the space.


Old-school & New-age

"At SPEC Makerspace we embrace creativity and promote innovation, the kids love the combination of “old-school” construction with new-age ideas."

— Katherine Hofmann, Makerspace Mentor



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