The Brooks MakerSpace is a cutting edge facility, filled with the latest technologies, available for everyone to use. 

What is a MakerSpace? It is traditionally defined as a place in which people with shared interests, especially in computing or technology, can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. To put it simply a MakerSpace is a place where anyone is free to make virtually anything.



3D fabrication

Due to it's massive versatility and functionality, the Brooks MakerSpace is investing in a state of the art 3D printing, CNC, and laser cutting laboratory. Prototyping, testing, and even sculpting are brilliant examples of the practical uses of 3D fabrication.


Digital production

The Brooks MakerSpace has invested into the realm of digital video, photo, and music production. With state of the art, industry grade production software available to everyone, creativity can be elevated to the next level. Rendering, exporting, or compressing is no problem with our powerful, 40 core, parallel computing cluster.



With our professional grade suite, we have coding tools for all levels of expertise. From SQL to C++, JavaScript to Swift, we've got all the bells and whistles. Just learning? Try our Scratch ecosystem!

Custom modelling and rendering.


A fascinating start of graphic design is emerging on the global stage. 3D modelling is used in the film, game, and advertising industry. Textures, colours, and other manipulative are involved, making 3D modelling the science of the arts. When finished designing, 3D printers are available to make the model a tangible reality. Or render it, to get picture perfect images for display. Using state of the art software, Blender, we rendered these complex car models. Using only a computer, we created highly realistic images. See for yourself!


BMW m1 Model courtesy of Mike Pan.

Ferrari Italia 458 model courtesy of Rainer Selvet.

Bugatti Chiron model courtesy of Bob Kimani (Kimz Auto).

Rendered by Levi Bradford.

At the MakerSpace, we place coding on a pedestal of great importance. With over 218000 technology based jobs available in 2020, we are empowering youth in our county to stand out. By giving them skills, we make them competitive applicants for future jobs. Coding is a powerful tool that can be used cross a plethora of fields to generate income, data, insight, and other helpful information. From low level binary coding, to high level Visual Basic, we have it all. App design, custom calculations, robotics engineering, and more are all available at the Brooks MakerSpace.


x86 Assembly language

Manipulating the bits and bytes an a binary level in a processor gives great power, at the loss of readability. By utilizing our facilities, anyone can write programs from advanced math solution generators, to entire operating systems. All it takes, is a little patience and perseverance.



The number 1 language for writing iOS apps, it has worldwide acclaim. Learning this language is a huge asset to any programmer's arsenal. In high demand, a Swift programmer with 1 year of experience, can earn up to 120 thousand dollars a year! Discover Swift at the Brooks MakerSpace.



One of the most popular languages out there, Java holds prestigious positions in modern applications, such as Minecraft, NASA mission analysis, and cloud based packages. It is also responsible for 100% of all web applications! Easy to learn, and fun to try!